Our Strategy

To operate with integrity and professionalism, to be open and transparent and conduct business in a responsible and accountable manner.

E B Millton Charitable Trust NZ

Our Mission

To successfully deliver our charitable purpose, and by doing so, to support and respect the intended wishes of E B Millton.

Our Vision

To improve the health, education and the social and economic wellbeing of Children within the Canterbury Region.

Investment Goal & Objective

The Trust’s investment objective is “to preserve and grow the capital of the Trust while maximising the income available for distribution”.

The investment goal is to generate income of a minimum of $400,000 per annum plus sufficient to offset the effects of inflation.

On this basis a required rate of return is between 4.5% - 5.5% p.a. net of fees (assuming inflation between 2% and 3% approx.)

Responsibility of the Trustees

Prepare, review and maintain this SIPO on a regular basis.

Clearly defining the Trusts investment objectives and the investment strategy to achieve those objectives. This includes the level of risk, investment performance objectives and investment policies.

Confirm and approve any deviation from or change to the requirements of the SIPO.

Prudently select and review investment managers and investments, exercising care, diligence and skill.

Control and account for all investment assets and maintain trust records.

Receive applications for grants, determining the amount of annual distributions and who they should be paid to, while monitoring the level of reserves.

Disclose conflicts of interest and act with reasonable care and skill.

Adhere to the terms of the Trust Deed and relevant Trust law.

Improve, maintain and monitor the condition of the Trusts physical assets, if any.


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