Guidelines for Funding

The critical criterion that the Trust must meet is that the distribution of funds must result in benefit being enjoyed by individuals and institutions which are responsible for caring for children, or by a child or children directly.

Funding Applications NZ

The meaning of benefit can be widely interpreted. This trust is a discretionary trust. However, the Trust Deed expresses certain preferences including:

  • Children in the Canterbury region (preferably under the age of 18);
  • Children who would benefit from increased education, or educational devices (such as, but not limited to, iPad, laptop, teacher aid, books, specialised equipment) to assist and help with learning disabilities;
  • Child descendants from the families of William Newton Millton and John Tucker Ford;
  • Organisations that primarily focus on the increased welfare and care of children, and where funds are used directly within the organization, rather than being distributed by a secondary authority whereby an administrative fee is taken as part of the distribution;
  • Organisations who assist in the health and wellbeing of those children less fortunate than others;
  • Individual sports person who can demonstrate that they will be competing at a National or International Level; who are of school age; from the Canterbury Region, and can demonstrate that they have a high level of commitment to their sport;
  • One off donations which do not meet one or more of the above guidelines, whereby all Trustees are in unanimous agreement; full discretion of the Trust will be given on a one off basis;

The Trust prefers to offer distributions to those applicants who can demonstrate they are helping themselves. An application must include why a donation is required, and how the funds will be used. Follow up correspondence is encouraged to notify the Trust an update as how the funds benefited the individual.

Preference may be given to fewer, high value distributions each year rather than a greater number of low value distributions each year.

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